Scholastic Dollar Days Book Sale: Review


For those of you that know me, I’m a HUGE fan of the Scholastic warehouse sales.  I live close enough to Des Moines that I can make a quick trip to the sale on either a weekend or an evening, and I always score great deals for myself, my students, and my daughter.  Most books are only $1-2 and they even have a spot where you can fill a box with books for $24.99.  Last time I went, I had over $300 worth of books in that one box, which is a great deal for any teacher or parent.

When I received an email saying that Scholastic was doing a sale called the “Dollar Days” sale, I was confused because it wasn’t advertised the same way that they advertise the normal warehouse sales.  So I went ahead and signed up, received the same FastPass coupons for some extra savings, and decided to head over after school one day in order to check things out.  Here are my findings, as well as similarities and differences, between a regular warehouse sale and the Dollar Days sale.

When I pulled up to the parking lot of the warehouse, it was much less crowded than it normally is during the sales.  This was the first time that our warehouse was doing a Dollar Days sale, so I was a little concerned about the lack of people present.  When I entered the building, there weren’t as many books, but I still ended up finding some great deals.

If you’re been to a warehouse sale before, you know that the entire warehouse is pretty much open and stocked top to bottom with books that are between discounted at 30% to 90% for teachers and school employees.  This sale was different because it was only set up in the entry to the warehouse, and there wasn’t even an entire aisle of books to look through.  Our selection included several holiday books, activities, and a lot of upper elementary level chapter books.  There wasn’t much for lower elementary or early readers at this sale, but I’m sure it just varies by the warehouse that you use.

All of the books were 50% off, and some of the prices were already severely discounted.  Several books were listed at $1, and some were even as low as 50 cents a piece before the additional percentage off was applied.  I ended up getting an entire box of books in a huge range of levels.  Since we have a 4 year old, we were able to pick up some great hardcover story books, and I also picked up several other chapter books for Michael’s fourth graders.  I had a whole box full of books for $40, which was quite the savings off of what you would pay if you bought the books from the Scholastic flyers every month.

As with every warehouse sale, there was also a FastPass coupon that was able to be used.  This gains you $10 off a purchase of $40 or more, and $25 off a purchase of $100 or more.  I was able to use this and paid only $30 for all of the books that were purchased, which will help refresh Michael’s classroom library, and encourage reading for our daughter.

I’m not sure if I will attend another Dollar Days sale at our warehouse, but I will certainly still shop at the normal warehouse sales which occur in the winter and spring each year.  I’ll probably do a post after my next warehouse trip to share more pictures and information on what a typical warehouse sale looks like for us, as well as information on the Build-A-Box program that they use at the bigger sales.